ADHD Testing in Michigan

ADHD Testing in Michigan

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition defined by short attention spans, distracted thinking, impulsive actions, excessive body movements, difficulties with organization, and problems with planning. All of these experiences are common in their own right, but if a child experiences them persistently, they may be signs of ADHD.

How can you tell if your child has ADHD? With a professional psychological evaluation. This is the best way to get definitive answers so you can seek treatment for your child, as needed. Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers ADHD testing in Michigan, and we are known for our high accuracy rates. Contact our office at (248) 644-9466 to learn more.

Highly-Accurate ADHD Testing in Michigan

The symptoms of ADHD mimic symptoms of other circumstances, such as excessive energy, anxiety, and gifted thinking. Thus it is not always easy to diagnose ADHD accurately. Dr. Isabelle has years of specialized training to identify underlying signs of ADHD. She has a doctorate-level education, while many psychological testing providers only have a master’s degree. This additional education ensures that she provides a proper diagnosis from the start.

  • ADHD Testing Services for Each Age Group
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  • A Trusted Psychological Testing Center with High Referral Rates
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To schedule an appointment for ADHD testing in Michigan, call (248) 644-9466. We offer appointments on select Saturdays throughout the year, and we do our best to work around your family’s schedule.

How Common Is ADHD?

ADHD affects approximately 8-10% of school-aged children. Some children find ways around their ADHD without a diagnosis, so it is difficult to be certain just how common this condition is. With that in mind, children who receive a diagnosis are able to seek ADHD treatment, which teaches them how to focus their attention and improve their organization skills. If you come to our office for ADHD testing in Michigan, we can recommend a specialist in your area who offers ADHD treatment.

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