“Hi Dr. Beaulieu and Donna, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you. Please know that you have truly made a difference in our lives. Your professionalism and ability to listen has helped in many ways. You listened to everything that we said and integrated it into the report. You took the time to come out to the school, address the team in a non-threatening, non-condescending manner that allowed them to have a better picture of our child. This will, obviously, be a process for us and our child to find successes, but, the door is opened and we are headed down a more promising path. Again, we can’t thank you enough and thanks to Donna too as you were always kind when I called the office. For lack of a better word, you are a rock star, Dr. Beaulieu, and we were lucky to find you!”

Dr. Beaulieu was fabulous at our school meeting! All of the educators said it was the best neuropsychology report they have ever seen in all of their years!

Isabelle is the best! I recommend all of my friends to her. She is so comprehensive!

We have been so frustrated trying to figure out how to help our child be successful in school over the years. I wish I would have known about Dr. Beaulieu and Neuropsychological testing sooner.

Quote from a child, “I had a lot of fun testing and loved the prizes!”

Our son felt so comfortable during testing. He had such a positive experience. He felt comfortable and encouraged by the examiner, Barbara Moir, and left the office feeling good about himself!

Thanks to Dr. Beaulieu we were able to find a school that was a better fit for our child knowing the challenges our child must face. Our child is now thriving in the new environment!

Dr. Beaulieu was able to diagnose a learning disability in our child and now that she is getting the help she needs, her reading skills and school success has much improved.

Always good to get updated evaluations for our children to continue school accommodations that enable them to be successful!

Dr. Beaulieu was able to perform an IEE, with the approval of our school district. Her report has made all the difference in the world!

I was able to have a consultation with Dr. Beaulieu to discuss concerns about my child. She was able to determine that anxiety was affecting my child’s school performance and was able to point me in the right direction to a professional that could help.

Even though we live about 3 hours away, it was worth Dr. Beaulieu performing the neuropsychological evaluation on our adolescent. She was able to write a comprehensive report that had detailed diagnoses along with specific school accommodations for our high schooler to succeed.

It is always good to get an updated evaluation by Dr. Beaulieu to report current levels of functioning along with any new accommodations and therapies that may be helpful for our child. We continue to bring our child every 3 years. It is so worth it to see continued success in school and life!

Our family was moving back overseas. Dr. Beaulieu was able to get us in for an appointment in a timely manner, and the report was ready for the new school in a new country to help our child!

Dr. Beaulieu made us aware of some social/emotional diagnoses that have been impacting our child. We didn’t realize that not all issues with school success are related to academics.

Having Dr. Beaulieu’s report with the data and her expertise in interpreting the data to be parent and school friendly has enabled us to tweak our child’s curriculum to allow for success!

Dr. Beaulieu evaluated all 3 of my young adult children and they are all doing great!

Dr. Beaulieu’s reports are the gold standard!

Dr. Beaulieu’s summary and recommendations in her reports are absolutely priceless! They explain in understandable detail any diagnoses and accommodations to implement in school as well as professionals to seek to help my child be successful! Finally, someone who can provide a plan of action and guide me through the steps to help my child.

The office responds so quickly to messages. I had a return phone call the same day!

Great News… my son was granted extra time on tests from the college board for ACT/SAT testing!

Thanks to Dr. Beaulieu I was approved for accommodations for the LSAT, for law school. She saved my career before it even started!

I was approved for accommodations for the Michigan Bar exam, thanks to Dr. Beaulieu.

I had some questions regarding my child after testing was done and was able to speak to Dr. Beaulieu within a day. Such prompt service.

The assistant was so knowledgeable and helpful when I called the office to ask questions about the testing process and how it could help my child.

We have been to other professionals for neuropsychological testing but no others have been as thorough and comprehensive as Dr. Beaulieu. Her report was easy to read and it gave us a clear plan to follow to help our child. No one has given us a plan before.

Dr. Beaulieu is so warm and easy to talk to.

My phone call was returned so quickly. I am impressed how fast the office returns messages.

It is so reassuring to know Dr. Beaulieu is available to attend school meetings to explain her data and recommendations.

The assistant, Donna, was very knowledgeable and took the time to listen to my concerns about my child.

It was easy for my child to establish a rapport with Dr. Beaulieu as well as the examiner, Barbara. They are so kind and friendly.

My child loved earning prizes for the “learning games”. He had so much fun testing,  it was better than a school day.

I needed forms to be filled out for college accommodations. Dr. Beaulieu was able to complete them within 24 hours! Now I will be all set in the fall.

I was so happy to be able to get my child in so quickly for IQ testing that was needed to attend a private school.

Even though it was not time for our child’s report to be completed, Dr. Beaulieu was able to speak directly to the school to get the ball rolling on services!

Meeting with Dr. Beaulieu was such a Godsend! I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what direction to go in. She was so easy to talk to. I feel so much better and relieved that my child is going to have testing and that I will have a plan for her!

I am amazed at how quickly my phone call was returned.

I loved Dr. Beaulieu! She was so thorough and comprehensive with her evaluation and report.

I am so pleased with my experiences having Dr. Beaulieu evaluate my children that I have referred many friends and family members to Oakland Neuropsychology Center!

She really looks at the whole child and provides a plan of action for both home and school that is invaluable!

I have been bringing my children to Dr. Beaulieu every three years to have updated assessments to continue school accommodations. Everyone is so friendly and professional. Testing and diagnoses have been accurate and very helpful.

Pediatrician offices call upon Dr. Beaulieu to provide neuropsychological evaluations from all over the state of Michigan. Locally in Oakland County from Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham to as far as Traverse City, Holland, Port Huron, Clarkston and Flint.

I traveled from Ohio to seek a neuropsychological evaluation for my adolescent to assist with diagnoses of learning disabilities as well as to receive a plan of action and school accommodations. I am happy to report since Dr. Beaulieu’s evaluation my child has had much success in school.

Although all medical offices need to abide by HIPPA Laws, I appreciate the lengths at which Dr. Beaulieu goes to provide the utmost confidentiality with all of her clients and families.

We had Dr. Beaulieu perform an IEE, Independent Educational Evaluation, upon approval from our school district. Dr. Beaulieu was able to attend 1 hour of our IEP meeting. It was so helpful to have us all on the same page so the best services and accommodations could be provided to ensure my child’s success!

My child had two previous evaluations and Dr. Beaulieu was able to diagnose a disability that was undetected by others. She is superb at what she does!

Dr. Beaulieu and the examiner were warm and engaging during the testing time. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it!

Even though my child was tested a couple of years ago I appreciate that Dr. Beaulieu is able to answer quick questions or concerns that come up along the way within 24-48 hours. So appreciated!