Many adults struggle with staying focused on tasks, remembering information, staying organized, and managing their time efficiently. They may feel that they can’t concentrate when reading, and forget important details, tasks, or events. These problems may be mild to severe, and can vary depending on the setting. Many adults will report that these problems have significantly impacted their family and social lives, as well as interfered with work, over the years. Many feel like they have always struggled with these issues, leading to academic issues and poor self-esteem during childhood and adolescence. During adulthood, attentional issues may also lead to depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Although a diagnosis of ADHD is often made during childhood, for some individuals, attentional issues become more apparent later on, during adolescence or adulthood. If you wonder whether you may have an attentional disorder, identification through a formal evaluation process is typically the first step. This can help diagnose problems with attention and, more importantly, what types of treatments and interventions may be best suited for you.