Educational Therapy/ADHD Coaching

Preteen girl meeting with school counselor or therapist

What is  Educational Therapy and what does an Educational Therapist do?

Educational Therapy provides intensive individualized interventions for students with learning differences that might be the result of neurological, cognitive, developmental, language and emotional issues. Educational Therapy can address academic issues as well as contributing factors.

What is an Educational Therapist? Educational Therapists have at least a master’s degree, specialized training, and previous experience working with students who present with a wide range of learning disabilities. Educational Therapists understand the social, behavioral and emotional aspects that have an effect on learning. While addressing learning differences and academics, they help students understand their learning challenges, become aware of their strengths, and develop non-academic strategies that build self-esteem and promote self-advocacy. Educational Therapists coordinate services by fostering communication and collaboration with the student’s team.

In Kari Jo’s Educational Therapy practice, she utilizes reviews of neuropsychological assessments and her own formal and informal assessments to develop specific goals and learning plans for each student.  She then applies appropriate alternative teaching strategies and methods to meet these goals while consistently monitoring student progress.  Kari Jo is highly qualified to support students’ skill remediation in:

  • Executive Functioning skills including:
    • Goal setting
    • Short & Long-term planning
    • Task initiation
    • Organization of materials
    • Self-monitoring
  • Mathematics
    • Concepts, fact practice, and recall
  • Reading
    • Fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking
    • Phonics and spelling
  • Written communication