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The Risks and Pitfalls of Short ADHD Evaluations

When deciding to consider testing for specific conditions, such as ADHD, it can feel overwhelming to figure out who to call to obtain answers. People often wonder how much testing is actually needed, who has the right background or expertise to conduct such evaluations, and how much or what information they will get out of … Read more

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Do I Have ADHD, Autism, or Both?

‘I think we’re missing something because it looks like more than just ADHD’ is a sentence we have heard many clients tell us over the years. Often, we discover that there are also learning disorders present, or anxiety/depression issues and in certain cases, an underlying autism spectrum disorder in the adults and children that we … Read more

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Help! I’m Struggling in Math: Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia refers to challenges in math. It is a learning disorder that affects a person’s ability to process math information. Signs of dyscalculia can look different across people, and across ages. Here are some of the common signs of dyscalculia: Dyscalculia can sometimes be overlooked, as people will say that they are just ‘bad at … Read more

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ADHD Testing in Young Kids

Did you know that if a child is amongst the youngest in their elementary class, they are most likely to be diagnosed with ADHD? Younger kids are naturally more likely to be fidgety, to struggle to regulate their bodies, to have difficulties socializing, and to be inconsistent with following directions and completing their work. Although … Read more

Dyslexia Awareness Month

Dyslexia Testing in Bloomfield Hills

‘I think my child might be dyslexic’ or ‘I think I might be dyslexic’ are often concerns people share with us when they call our clinic.  Good news! We are equipped to help you answer this question and guide you with appropriate interventions! What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a reading disorder. People with dyslexia have … Read more

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What is a Psychological Evaluation?

‘Psychological evaluation’ is a rather broad term that can mean different things depending on who is requesting it. We often get calls from people asking for a ‘psychological evaluation’ for themselves, a child, or a family member. It is typically helpful to ask the person who suggested the evaluation for more specific information as to … Read more

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Respecting Individuals’ Gender Pronouns

What are pronouns? Although pronouns appear to have recently emerged as a topic of interest, they have been used to reference individuals’ gender identity for centuries. While most individuals use pronouns which reflect their sex assigned at birth (SAB), up to 25% of LGBTQ+ individuals use pronouns which fall outside their SAB, and instead align … Read more

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Memory Problems

Have you ever asked yourself “Why did I come into this room?” or “What was the name of that actor?” and wondered why the answer didn’t come to you right away? These are common experiences that come with age, and people often question whether they have memory problems or early stages of dementia. Memory is … Read more

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Depression and Anxiety in Children and Teenagers

We all recognize that these have been particularly challenging times for many people, and this obviously includes children and adolescents. Depression and anxiety problems in young children and teenagers have definitively increased over the past several months. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics referred to it as a ‘national emergency in child and adolescent mental … Read more

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Academic Support and ADHD Coaching

We are all unique learners. Learning can be challenging. For some students learning can be tough and very difficult.  Everyone’s brains are wired differently and require information to be presented in uniquely tailored ways that best resonate with them.  These struggles do not stop with school; it trickles down into the key pillars that comprise … Read more