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Academic Support and ADHD Coaching

We are all unique learners. Learning can be challenging. For some students learning can be tough and very difficult.  Everyone’s brains are wired differently and require information to be presented in uniquely tailored ways that best resonate with them.  These struggles do not stop with school; it trickles down into the key pillars that comprise … Read more


Concussions in Children and Young Adults

Concussions in children and young adults – and what to do when symptoms don’t improve Kids (and adults) are prone to bumping their heads a time or two during their lifetimes. However, these bumps to the head do not usually result in a serious injury. In fact, our brains are surrounded by three protective layers, … Read more

Covid Alert

COVID-19 Notice

Welcome to Oakland Neuropsychology Center! We are currently conducting initial appointments for all new patients who are interested in starting the neuropsychological evaluation process while at home. These appointments are performed via a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. In-person testing will resume at the clinic in June. If you would like to obtain information about our … Read more

Guardianship Evaluations in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Guardianship Evaluations in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Parents or loved ones of individuals with disabilities are used to providing support and assistance, as a big part of their role in making sure that these individuals are protected and functioning to their full potential. Sometimes, this includes considering whether guardianship may be indicated once they become adults. This can be a difficult step … Read more

Build Executive Functioning Skills During Summer Break

Build Executive Functioning Skills During Summer Break

Summer, yep, summer break is one of my favorite times to help my students build and strengthen their executive functioning skills. We often hear parents worry that without homework or school activities it will be difficult to maintain or build on executive functioning skills. On the contrary, summer can be a great time to continue … Read more

ADHD Executive Functions

Help with ADD/ADHD and Executive Functions in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

As an Educational Therapist, we are often asked how we can support students with executive functioning skills, particularly students diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder. Ages ago, when we were in school ourselves, no one talked about Executive Functioning skills.  We were just expected to “get it.” However, executive functioning skills are often very difficult … Read more

ADHD Help and Support in Bloomfield Hills, MI

ADHD Help and Support in Bloomfield Hills, MI

When your child is diagnosed with an attentional disorder, it can feel overwhelming at first. At the same time, it can also bring some relief because it offers an explanation about why certain things have been so challenging at home or at school. The question we are often asked after a diagnosis of ADHD is … Read more

Educational Therapy/ADHD Coaching

What is  Educational Therapy and what does an Educational Therapist do? Educational Therapy provides intensive individualized interventions for students with learning differences that might be the result of neurological, cognitive, developmental, language and emotional issues. Educational Therapy can address academic issues as well as contributing factors. What is an Educational Therapist? Educational Therapists have at … Read more


IQ testing in Bloomfield Hills

We frequently receive calls from parents enquiring about IQ testing for their child. There are different reasons parents may want to obtain this information. The most common reason we encounter is to meet the admission requirements to enroll their child in a school for gifted students. Often, such schools will want a formal assessment of … Read more

Sleep Problems Can Look Like ADHD

Sleep Problems Can Look Like ADHD

Did you know that distractibility, impulsivity, and inattention are core symptoms of ADHD but also of lack of sleep? I remember during my training that one of my professors suggested that we think of ADHD as a ‘diagnosis of exclusion’ meaning that, other possible reasons a child or person is struggling with attention should first … Read more