Strategies & Planning

Many people hear the word “intervention” and wonder what it means in this context. Simply put, an intervention plan typically involves guidelines for how to move forward after finding out what the difficulties are. Who can help you maximize your potential – teachers, parents, employers – yourself? All of the above. Trying to figure out the best type of doctor or therapy is an overwhelming pursuit for folks who aren’t “in the know.”

You’ve come to our clinic for our expertise and that’s what we’re known for – our ability to make sense of barriers (in learning, emotions, and life) and jump-start you forward – using our intervention plans. Dr. Beaulieu custom-builds each client’s intervention plan to suit his/her individual needs – it’s not a “cookie cutter” approach in which everyone gets the same thing.

Consultation services are also offered for various age groups: children in school, college-bound teens, college students, and adults in the workplace.

Dr. Beaulieu is well connected with schools and professionals in the community. These professionals have skills in counseling, tutoring, performance and life coaching, memory training, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and medical needs.