ADHD Testing

Some children and adolescents seem to have a greater degree of difficulty staying on task, concentrating, regulating their behaviors, and/or keeping up with organizational demands. These difficulties may interfere with their ability to work up to their potential in school, and affect test performance and grades. Although a diagnosis of ADHD is often made during childhood, for some individuals, attentional issues become more apparent later on, during adolescence. If you wonder whether your child may have an attentional disorder, identification through a formal evaluation process is typically the first step. This can help diagnose problems with attention and, more importantly, what types of services, interventions, and/or accommodations may be best suited for your child, to ensure that they perform at their true potential in school. Following a consultation to determine whether this may be the appropriate assessment for your child, testing may vary between 3-6 hours depending on whether there may be other underlying issues suspected to be contributing to attentional problems.