School Readiness Testing in Michigan

School Readiness Testing in Michigan

Worried that your child may not be ready for school? This is a common concern for parents, especially when children reach 4-6 years of age. School readiness involves a combination of behavioral skills, cognitive skills, and social skills that some children do not display right away. Others are developmentally advanced, which may cause them to be bored or misbehave in school.

That is the benefit of school readiness testing in Michigan. You can determine if your child’s development is delayed, on track, or advanced. Then you can create the best learning environment for your child’s specific needs. To schedule an appointment for school readiness testing, contact Oakland Neuropsychology Center at (248) 644-9466.

What Are the Goals for School Readiness Testing in Michigan?

School readiness testing is designed to assess all areas of a child’s development that may impact life in school. If a child is intellectually ahead of his or her age group, there may need to be adjustments in the learning plan for that child. If the child is socially delayed, he or she may struggle to adapt in a school environment. Diagnosing these potential issues ensures that the child gets treatment and/or care to create a positive academic experience.

  • Identify Signs of Developmental Delays and Their Sources
  • Determine If a Child Is Academically Gifted
  • Evaluate a Child’s School Readiness on an Emotional, Cognitive and Social Level
  • Pinpoint Potential Struggles a Child May Face in School, Such as Social Adaptation or Behavioral Issues
  • Connect Parents with Professionals Who Can Help Their Child with School-Related Struggles (Child Therapists, IEP Preparation Specialists, Etc.)
  • Recommend Additional Psychological Testing as Needed, Such as Learning Disabilities Testing

To schedule an appointment for school readiness testing in Michigan, call (248) 644-9466.

Comprehensive Psychological Testing for Children

In addition to school readiness testing in Michigan, we provide a range of psychological testing services for children. Dr. Isabelle offers personalized testing solutions to accommodate each child and family. Some of our most sought-after services include:

  • Autism Testing and Asperger’s Syndrome Testing 
  • Learning Disabilities Testing, Including Dyslexia Testing and Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing 
  • ADD and ADHD Testing
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS/FAE) Testing 
  • Childhood Depression Testing 
  • Neurological Disorders Testing 
  • Giftedness Testing and Twice Exceptional Testing 
  • Development Testing 
  • School Readiness Testing 

You may schedule a consultation with Dr. Isabelle by calling our office. Our knowledgeable staff members will gladly answer any questions you may have.

To Learn More about School Readiness Testing in Michigan, Call (248) 644-9466