ADHD Testing Metro Detroit MI

ADHD Testing in Metro Detroit MI

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may alter a way a child performs in school, behaves at home, and interacts with the world as a whole. This condition is typically characterized by distracted thinking, excessive body movements, difficulty focusing, short attention spans, impulsive actions, and difficulties planning or following instructions. If your child is exhibiting symptoms of ADHD, you may consider ADHD testing in Metro Detroit MI.

Through ADHD testing, a professional psychologist can determine if your child has ADHD, or if there are any other underlying issues to consider. From there, you can use the diagnosis to pursue the appropriate treatment. The journey starts with a simple phone call to Oakland Neuropsychology Center. Contact us today at (248) 644-9466 to learn more about ADHD testing in Metro Detroit MI.

ADHD Testing in a Comfortable, Family-Friendly Environment

At Oakland Neuropsychology Center, we work with clients of all age groups. This includes infants, children and teenagers. Children require different psychological testing services than adults because they do not have not fully developed their language and behavioral skills. Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu creates a personalized testing plan for each child to fit his or her needs. The entire process happens in our comfortable, inviting center for ADHD Testing in Metro Detroit MI.

  • Specialized Psychological Testing for Each Age Group
  • High Diagnosis Accuracy Rates
  • Personalized ADHD Testing in Metro Detroit MI
  • A Knowledgeable Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate Degree
  • Transparent Pricing with Affordable Payment Options
  • Follow-Up Treatment Recommendations with Specialists near You

If you would like to know more about how ADHD testing works, give us a call at (248) 644-9466. We will answer any questions you have about ADHD testing in Metro Detroit, and we can schedule a consultation for your family.

What to Do after ADHD Testing in Metro Detroit MI

If your child was diagnosed with ADHD, Dr. Isabelle will recommend specialists near you to pursue treatment through. If the test concluded that your child does not have ADHD, additional testing may be necessary to determine the underlying source. Dr. Isabelle will discuss all of this with you after the evaluation so you understand the next steps to take.

For More Information about ADHD Testing in Metro Detroit MI, Contact Oakland Neuropsychology Center at (248) 644-9466