Learning Disabilities Testing in Oakland County MI

Learning Disabilities Testing in Oakland County MI

Oakland Neuropsychology Center is a highly-referred source for learning disabilities testing in Oakland County MI. Many schools, doctors, and therapists refer clients to our testing center because we have an outstanding reputation for accurate diagnoses. The sooner you have an accurate diagnosis to work with, the faster you can receive effective treatment for your circumstances. We’re located at:

Oakland Neuropsychology Center
4190 Telegraph Rd, Suite 2700
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about learning disabilities testing, feel free to give us a call: (248) 644-9466.

What We Test for: Types of Learning Disabilities

There are many types of learning disorders, and each one has a unique set of symptoms. Some secondary symptoms may overlap, such as frustration in school or trouble focusing. But the root issues are unique for each learning disability. During our psychological exam, we will evaluate the underlying circumstances to pinpoint which learning disorder is present, if any. Common learning disabilities include:

  • Dyslexia Testing: Difficulty reading letters or processing written information
  • Dyscalculia Testing: Difficulty reading numbers or processing equations
  • Dysgraphia Testing: Difficulty with handwriting and fine motor skills
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Testing (APD Testing): Difficulty distinguishing between words and sounds
  • Language Processing Disorder Testing (LPD Testing): A form of APD specifically related to language-based sounds
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing: Difficulty understanding social cues and body language

To arrange a consultation for learning disabilities testing in Oakland County MI, contact us at (248) 644-9466.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations with Friendly, Personalized Service

In addition to learning disabilities testing, we provide many psychological testing services. If your child is struggling with school, social groups, home life, or anything in between, the answer may lie in a psychological evaluation. Some of our most sought after testing services include:

  • ADHD Testing and ADD Testing
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing (Includes Asperger’s Testing)
  • Executive Functions Testing
  • Anxiety and Depression Testing
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing
  • Neurological Disorders Testing
  • Giftedness Testing
  • Twice Exceptional Testing
  • High Stakes Exams for People with Learning Disabilities
  • And Learning Disabilities Testing in Oakland County MI

If You’d Like a Consultation for Learning Disabilities Testing in Oakland County MI, Please Call (248) 644-9466