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Do you need an IQ test for your child’s school admission? Are you looking for a reliable provider who specializes in IQ exams? Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers professional IQ testing near Pontiac MI. We have convenient appointment times available, and we work with many age groups. Contact us at (248) 644-9466 for more information.

Are IQ Tests an Accurate Measure of Intelligence?

IQ tests focus on cognitive abilities like verbal comprehension and deductive reasoning. They can measure many aspects of intelligence, but only if they are interpreted correctly. Working with the right testing provider makes all the difference.

  • The Accuracy of IQ Test Results Comes down to the Interpretation
  • If an Interpreter Skews One Area of the Results, That May Misrepresent the Child’s Actual IQ Score
  • Oakland Neuropsychology Center Has Extensive Training in IQ Testing Procedures and Interpretations
  • IQ Test Protocols Change Over Time – We Remain Up-to-Date with the Changes
  • A Professional IQ Test Is the Best Way to Get an Accurate Reflection If Your Child’s Intelligence

It’s important to note that not all forms of intelligence are measured in an IQ test. For example, your child may have strong artistic or musical talents that do not match the questions on the IQ exam. You can use an IQ test as a guideline, but it may not display all of your child’s talents.

For more information about IQ testing near Pontiac MI, contact Oakland Neuropsychology Center at (248) 644-9466.

Oakland Neuropsychology Center Receives Consistent Referrals from Local Private Schools

Oakland Neuropsychology Center has proudly served the Pontiac community for many years. We receive persistent referrals from educators, private schools, therapists, and doctors in the area because of our high accuracy rates. Many of the families we work with have seen other providers in the past and faced hardships because of misdiagnosis. Our doctor-level neuropsychologists have specialized training to ensure top-quality diagnoses.

Our services include the following:

  • IQ Testing and Gifted/Twice Exceptional Exams
  • ADHD Coaching
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)
  • Anxiety Testing
  • Depression Evaluations
  • Learning Disabilities Testing
  • Dyslexia Testing
  • ACT and SAT Accommodations
  • Guardianship Evaluations
  • Executive Functions Testing
  • Autism Testing (ASD Testing)
  • ADHD Testing
  • ADD Testing
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing (NVLD)
  • Neurological Disorders Testing
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing (FAE/FASD)
  • And Other Neuropsychological Evaluations

For More Information about Psychological Evaluations or IQ Testing near Pontiac MI, Please Call (248) 644-9466

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