ADD Testing in Metro Detroit MI

Two girls writing for test at school.
Do you think your child may have attention deficit disorder (ADD)? You can get a definitive diagnosis through ADD testing in Metro Detroit MI. Dr. Isabelle of Oakland Neuropsychology Center will evaluate your child’s symptoms, thought patterns and movements to determine the underlying cause of his or her struggles. Common symptoms of ADD and ADHD include:

  • Trouble Focusing or Paying Attention
  • Difficulty Following Direction or Staying on Task
  • Defiant Behavior at Home or School
  • Disorganized Thoughts
  • Refusing to Perform Tasks That Require Consistent Focus
  • Impulsive Actions
  • Not Paying Attention to Someone Who Is Speaking
  • Fidgeting – Only a Symptom of ADHD

Don’t know if your child needs ADD testing or ADHD testing? That’s not an issue. The conditions have many overlapping conditions. Dr. Isabelle can decipher the differences to provide an accurate diagnosis for your child. To schedule an appointment, contact us at (248) 644-9466.

An Accurate Diagnosis Leads to Effective Treatment and Care

You can tell a lot about a psychological testing center by the amount of referrals they receive. We get many referrals from doctors, therapists and school personnel because of our high accuracy results for diagnoses. A proper diagnosis is the first step in getting treatment for ADD, ADHD, and other conditions. Your child can soon develop tools to improve his or her quality of life.

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Schedule an appointment for ADD testing in Metro Detroit by calling (248) 644-9466.

Comprehensive Psychological Exams for Children and Teens

In addition to ADHD and ADD testing, we offer a range of evaluations for children. These include giftedness testing, learning disorder testing, school readiness exams, autism testing, anxiety testing, nonverbal learning disorder testing, neurological disorders testing, and other psychological testing services. Each child receives a personalized evaluation based on his or her stage of development. Dr. Isabelle will evaluate which testing service is right for your child, and then conduct the exam in our safe, comfortable office.

For More Information about ADD Testing in Metro Detroit MI, Call (248) 644-9466