Psychological Evaluation near You

Psychological Evaluation near You

Looking for someone who can do a professional psychological evaluation near you? Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu is a celebrated clinical psychologist known for her highly accurate diagnoses. In fact, many people come to Oakland Neuropsychology Center by referral, or because they have been misdiagnosed in the past. Dr. Isabelle offers personalized psychological evaluations for people of all ages, and she personalizes the testing process to suit each person’s needs. Her services include:

  • School Readiness Testing
  • Anxiety Testing
  • Depression Testing
  • Learning Disabilities Testing (Dyslexia Testing, Dysgraphia Testing, Dyscalculia Testing, etc.)
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS/FAE) Testing
  • ADHD Testing and ADD Testing
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing
  • Neurological Disorders Testing
  • Gifted and Twice Exceptional Testing
  • Executive Functions Testing
  • High Stakes Exams with Special Accommodations (ACT, SAT, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT)
  • Autism Testing and Asperger’s Syndrome Testing
  • And Other Psychological Testing Services

If you are interested in getting a psychological evaluation near you, contact us at (248) 644-9466. We will gladly answer your questions or arrange a consultation with Dr. Isabelle.

What to Expect from Your Psychological Evaluation

The psychological evaluation process is unique for everyone. A child may not have the skills to take a written exam. A non-verbal adult may not be able to answer questions in a verbal interview. All of these factors are taken into consideration when planning the psychological evaluation. Here are some steps you may expect along the way:

  • A One-on-One Consultation with Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu
  • A Personalized Psychological Testing Plan Catered to Your Needs
  • Confidential Testing in a Safe, Comfortable Environment
  • A Detailed Diagnosis – We’ll Answer All Your Questions
  • Recommendations for Follow-up Care, If Needed

To schedule a psychological evaluation near you, call Oakland Neuropsychology Center at (248) 644-9466.

A Renowned Psychological Testing Center with High Accuracy Rates

In order to receive proper treatment, you need a proper diagnosis. This is especially important for children, but it matters for all age groups. Dr. Isabelle receives consistent referrals because of her highly accurate diagnoses. Your psychological evaluation process will be personalized for maximum accuracy. Our office is located at:

Oakland Neuropsychology Center
4190 Telegraph Rd, Suite 2700
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Contact Us at (248) 644-9466 for More Information about Psychological Evaluation near You