Executive Functions Testing near West Bloomfield MI

Girl Receiving Executive Functions Testing near West Bloomfield MI

Executive functions are skills responsible for completing tasks, staying organized, and keeping track of items/information. If a child struggles in these areas, that may be a sign of ADHD or executive dysfunction. Conditions like this are entirely manageable, but they are best managed after a diagnosis. Find out what’s going on, then find an appropriate solution.

Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers executive functions testing near West Bloomfield MI. We can evaluate your child’s symptoms and behaviors to determine what the root cause may be. Executive functions are responsible for…

  • Completing Tasks from Beginning to End
  • Regulating Emotions
  • Organization and Keeping Track of Personal Belongings
  • Paying Attention
  • Interpreting and Processing Other People’s Opinions
  • Time Management
  • Cleaning and Following Directions
  • Memorizing Facts and Understanding Important Information

If you’ve noticed delays or frustrations in these areas, you may want to pursue a neuropsychological evaluation for your child. Contact Oakland Neuropsychology Center at (248) 644-9466 to learn more about executive functions testing near West Bloomfield MI.

What Happens During the Evaluation?

Executive functions testing usually consists of an age-appropriate questionnaire, a behavioral evaluation, or a combination of the two. The goal is to give the provider the information he or she needs to diagnose the root of the issue. Does your child actually struggle to pay attention, or do they have a learning disorder? Is their disorganization from ADHD or from anxiety? These are the questions we aim to answer through the testing process.

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With regard to treatment, we can refer you to specialists in the area who can help after diagnosis. Many children benefit from working with an executive functions coach to manage their specific symptoms. Treatment may also include counseling, educational accommodations, one-on-one training, and more.

High Referrals. High Standards. High Accuracy Rates.

Oakland Neuropsychology Center receives tons of referrals from private schools, physicians, and therapists in the area. We operate with the highest standards, and we have extremely strong accuracy rates. Our services include:

  • ADD/ADHD Screening
  • Anxiety Testing and Select Mental Health Assessments
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)
  • ADHD Coaching
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing (NVLD)
  • Neurological Disorders Testing
  • Guardianship Evaluations
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Testing
  • Executive Functions Testing near West Bloomfield MI
  • IQ Testing
  • Twice Exceptional and Giftedness Exams
  • Depression Evaluations
  • High Stakes Exams
  • Learning Disabilities Testing, Such as Dyslexia Testing and Dyscalculia Testing

Contact (248) 644-9466 to Schedule a Consultation for Executive Functions Testing near West Bloomfield MI