Dyslexia Testing in Metro Detroit MI

Dyslexia Testing in Metro Detroit MI

Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers many forms of psychological testing for children. This includes learning disorder testing, ADHD testing, autism testing, and dyslexia testing in Metro Detroit MI. Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu receives many referrals for psychological evaluations, thanks to her high accuracy rates and attention to detail. She is able to see connections that could go unnoticed, creating a precise diagnosis that leads to effective care. If you’d like to know more about dyslexia testing in Metro Detroit, call (248) 644-9466.

How Is Dyslexia Diagnosed in Children?

Diagnosing dyslexia is a complex process. Some parents notice signs of dyslexia before a child enters school, but others do not see the signs until their child struggles academically. The child may have difficulty reading or retaining information. With a psychological evaluation, a clinical psychologist can determine if a child has dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Then the family can create a plan for education and other lifestyle adjustments.

  • The Process Starts with a Consultation to Determine Which Psychological Testing Services Best Fit the Child’s Needs
  • Isabelle Creates a Personalized Testing Plan for the Child Based on Age, Symptoms, and Other Factors
  • The Family Comes in for Dyslexia Testing, If Applicable
  • Isabelle Evaluates the Child’s Answers, Behaviors and Experiences to Determine If Dyslexia or Other Learning Disorders Are Present
  • Isabelle Completes the Diagnosis and Provides Documentation for the Parents
  • We Provide Referrals for Dyslexia Treatment Or Other Follow-Up Services, as Needed, through a Network of Trusted Specialists in Metro Detroit MI

If you would like to schedule a consultation for dyslexia testing in Metro Detroit MI, contact Oakland Neuropsychology Center at (248) 644-9466.

Complete Learning Disorder Testing Services in Metro Detroit MI

Dr. Isabelle offers many forms of learning disability testing, including dyslexia testing, dyscalculia testing, dysgraphia testing, ADHD testing, school readiness testing, nonverbal learning disorder testing, and other psychological testing services for children. She has close working relationships with many specialists in the area. After a diagnosis, we can point you to a specialist in Metro Detroit who can help your child adapt to his or her learning disorder.

To Set up a Consultation for Dyslexia Testing in Metro Detroit MI, Call Dr. Isabelle’s Office at (248) 644-9466