Dyslexia Testing in Bloomfield Hills MI

Children reading books in the library.

Do you think your child may have a learning disorder? Have you always struggled with reading, math, or writing, but never known why? Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers dyslexia testing in Bloomfield Hills MI. Dyslexia represents 80-90% of learning disabilities in America, affecting millions of children and adults throughout the country. With our psychological testing services, you can learn definitively if you or your child has dyslexia, as well as recommendations for follow-up care.

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To start your journey through dyslexia testing, contact us at (248) 644-9466. We can arrange a consultation to determine which evaluation is right for you.

How Does Dyslexia Testing Work?

The process for dyslexia testing varies based on age. Children do not have the same reading skills and communication tools that adults do, so there are varying options for each stage of development. We’ll evaluate which testing methods will offer the most accurate diagnosis. Then we can assess the underlying issues at hand.

  • Complete a Consultation to Determine Which Form of Psychological Testing Is Ideal for Your Circumstances
  • Schedule a Time for Dyslexia Testing
  • Receive Age-Appropriate Testing Services Fit for You or Your Child’s Needs
  • Get a Professional Diagnosis from a Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Receive Recommendations for Follow-up Care with Dyslexia Specialists in Bloomfield Hills MI

For more information about learning disability testing and dyslexia testing in Bloomfield Hills MI, contact us at (248) 644-9466.

Learning Disability Testing and Psychological Evaluations in Bloomfield Hills MI

Oakland Neuropsychology Center offers a variety of learning disorder evaluations, as well as ADHD testing, autism testing, anxiety testing, and more. Some of our most common psychological testing services include:

  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder Testing
  • Autism Testing
  • Neurological Disorders Testing
  • Anxiety Testing
  • ADD Testing
  • Dyscalculia Testing, Dysgraphia Testing, and Other Learning Disorder Testing Services
  • ADHD Testing
  • Depression Testing
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS/FAE) Testing
  • Giftedness and Twice Exceptional Testing
  • Executive Functions Testing
  • High Stakes Exam Accommodations for Students with Special Needs
  • And Other Psychological Exams

For More Information about Dyslexia Testing in Bloomfield Hills MI, Call (248) 644-9466