Donna’s Blog: Being Prepared for IEP’s

Before I started working at Oakland Neuropsychology Center, I was a parent trying to navigate the special education world. Through this, I have experienced highs and lows. I am sharing some of the things I have learned along the way. First and foremost, each parent is their child’s first teacher in life and their best...

What are the ‘Red Flags’ for LD?

For many children and parents, the beginning of the school year is an exciting time. But for others, this excitement is quickly replaced with worries. Although we are only a few days or weeks into the school year, your child’s teacher already called to talk about behaviors she’s observed during class, or concerns she has...

IEE For Psychological Or Neuropsychological Testing In Oakland County

It is not unusual for our office to receive calls enquiring about Dr. Beaulieu’s availability to conduct an IEE, which stands for Independent Educational Evaluation. Typically, an IEE is requested when parents do not agree with the school’s assessment and therefore, are asking for an independent assessment of their child’s abilities at public expense. These...

Psychological Testing for Adults? Absolutely!

Many adults call our office to enquire about testing for various difficulties they encounter on a regular basis. For some, they find that their daily struggles with staying focused on tasks is overwhelming, and they feel inefficient and frustrated with their difficulties keeping track of what they need to accomplish for work or at home....

Misdiagnosis: How To Avoid It. Psychological Testing In Metro Detroit

Frequently, parents will tell me that they are frustrated with the lack of progress or change they see in their child despite the many treatments and interventions they have tried over months, or even years in some cases. Often, they have a difficult time explaining the reasons for their child’s difficulties.

Is Your Child Dysgraphic? Academic Testing In Michigan

Handwriting is a very complicated task, for many students. It often leads to resistance for many different reasons, at home and at school, especially in elementary school. For some, the actual act of holding and writing using a pen or pencil is very challenging, laborious, and uncomfortable.

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