Development & School Readiness

Many parents wonder: “Is my child developmentally advanced, on target, or developing too slowly? At what pace is she meeting developmental milestones – early? On time? Slower than expected? Is he interacting with his peers in an age-appropriate way?” Although most people develop normally, some present with early developmental delays – seen in communication, fine motor skills, thinking skills, emotional issues, and social interactions – and some are more advanced in their development. If you suspect your child might have problems with any or all of these areas, call us. We’ll talk with you about what you’re seeing and make recommendations of ways to start making things less frustrating.

Developmental Assessments

We provide developmental assessments to children as young as two years old if delays in development are suspected. It is now widely known and accepted that early identification of a child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, combined with early interventions, tend to be most useful in helping children close these developmental gaps.

School Readiness Assessments

Is your child ready to go to school? As a parent, deciding whether or not your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development are “school ready” can be difficult. Let us help. We offer screening for school readiness, along with in-depth evaluations of a child’s pre-academic skills.

It’s becoming more and more important to identify academic strengths and weaknesses in order to predict a child’s long-term academic outcome. Children who demonstrate a good mastery of early academic skills tend to perform to their full potential as they progress through school.

Learning is a life-long process — why not start it out with well-informed decisions? Let our experience help your child benefit from the educational process with assessments and custom-built intervention plans to maximize the process in the best possible way.