Neurological Disorders Testing in Bloomfield Hills MI

Neurological Disorders Testing in Bloomfield Hills MI
Oakland Neuropsychology Center provides specialized psychological testing services for children. This includes learning disabilities testing, ADHD testing, autism testing, and neurological disorders testing in Bloomfield Hills MI. All psychological evaluations are conducted by a doctorate-level clinical psychologist. Our office receives persistent referrals because of our high accuracy rates for diagnoses. We are located at:

Oakland Neuropsychology Center
4190 Telegraph Rd, Suite 2700
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

To learn more about neurological disorders testing, contact us at (248) 644-9466.

Specialized Testing for Many Types of Neurological Disorders

The term ‘neurological disorders’ covers a range of conditions that impact the spine, brain and nerves. Neurological disorders may occur at birth, or they may develop after a traumatic event. Dr. Isabelle Beaulieu from Oakland Neuropsychology Center will evaluate your child’s symptoms to determine which type of neurological disorders testing is right for him or her. Exams include:

  • Tourette Syndrome Testing
  • Downs Syndrome Testing
  • Seizure Disorder Testing
  • Cerebral Palsy Testing
  • Hydrocephalus Testing
  • Intellectual Disabilities Testing
  • Brain Malformations Testing
  • Turner Syndrome Testing
  • Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndromes Testing
  • Fragile X Syndrome Testing
  • Williams Syndrome Testing
  • Velocardiofacial Syndrome (VCFS) Testing
  • And Other Forms of Neurological Disorders Testing in Bloomfield Hills MI

The process starts with an in-person consultation at our comfortable, confidential psychological testing center in Bloomfield Hills MI. Contact us at (248) 644-9466 to schedule an appointment for neurological disorders testing.

What to Do after Neurological Disorders Testing

After testing, you will receive a detailed diagnosis that you can use to seek treatment. We will recommend professionals in the Bloomfield Hills area who specialize in cerebral palsy treatment, downs syndrome treatment, Tourette syndrome treatment, etc. You can then work with that specialist to ensure your child has the best possible quality of life.

If the psychological evaluation was inconclusive, Dr. Isabelle may recommend additional testing to pinpoint the underlying issue. Our team works diligently to provide a proper diagnosis for each client. The right answers lead to the right treatment, and we want you to receive that as quickly as possible.

To Learn More about Neurological Disorders Testing in Bloomfield Hills MI, Call (248) 644-9466