Sabrina StevanovicIn August 2021, Oakland Neuropsychology Center added another invaluable asset to their team – Academic Specialist and ADHD Coach, Sabrina Stevanovic.

A proud Alumna of Michigan State University, Sabrina began her career in 2015, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education Learning-Disabilities. She began working towards her Master’s Degree in 2021 in Curriculum and Instruction to further her understanding on how to best support all students and clientele with the learning demands in education. Throughout the years, Sabrina has built meaningful connections and relationships with students and families that allow her to provide meaningful instruction tailored to meet each student’s needs. Her strong relationships with students and families have also allowed her to be an ally for families and students to ensure students meet their fullest potential with the appropriate access to educational resources and interventions.

Sabrina passionately believes that a strong foundation in executive functioning skills such as planning and prioritizing, task-initiation, organizing, and self-monitoring skills are crucial to find success in daily life skills as well as education. She enjoys working in a small group or individualized setting to help students and clientele foster and grow these crucial skills to help them find independent success and motivation, both in and outside the formal education setting.

Throughout Sabrina’s training and experience with math and literacy curriculums, social-emotional tiered systems of support, and experience with focusing in on executive functioning skills, she has learned how to best support a wide-range of students by designing and delivering instruction in an individualized way that promotes student success.