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Madeline Wahl

In June of 2020, Oakland Neuropsychology Center added another invaluable asset to their team- Academic Specialist and ADHD Coach, Madeline Wahl. A proud Alumna of Michigan State University, Madeline began her career in education in 2015, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education- Learning Disabilities, and later acquired a Master’s Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders, allowing her to best-serve the ever-evolving needs of her students and clientele. Madeline’s unique, and well-rounded teaching background has provided her with the opportunity to support the needs of her students and families seeking additional aid for their children. The meaningful connections she has made with individuals and their families has provided her with the opportunity to identify and address areas of concern, tailor instruction to meet the unique needs of her students, and collaboratively design plans in which they set, and subsequently achieve their goals.

Madeline passionately believes that early interventions, and the instruction of “good habits” at a young age are crucial. Her unique educational approach is as follows: Identifying motivational factors, explicitly teaching organizational skills, and establishing routines are the fundamental components of creating a plan for individual achievement, both in and outside of the formal educational setting. As a result, this increases confidence, independence, and the motivation to continue this individualized path towards success.

Madeline’s training and experience with math and literacy curriculums, and social-emotional tiered systems of support have helped her learn how to specially design and deliver instruction to promote individual success. She understands the difficulty, and importance of maintaining structure in today’s modern life, juggling the stressors of academia, hyper-competitive extra-curricular activities, and a healthy social life. When balanced, a schedule creates opportunities to better attend to each of these individual components and succeed in the many roles that clients are responsible for upholding.