Clinical neuropsychologists are frequently called upon to conduct independent medical examinations (IME) to provide information about cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and motivational functioning of individuals in both civil and criminal proceedings. Forensic neuropsychologists may be called upon to render an opinion about the nature and extent of brain impairment and if it is due to a neurological, psychological, or factitious etiology. Neuropsychological assessments can be used on behalf of a plaintiff or on behalf of the defendant. The goal of such an assessment is to accurately describe a person’s behavior and cognitive status by utilizing standardized measures that depict a level of function and permits diagnosis and monitoring of a patient’s neurobehavioral status. Dr. Lajiness-O’Neill is well versed in evaluating neuropsychological problems associated with suspected perinatal injuries, developmental delay, and pediatric traumatic brain injury. To schedule an IME with Dr. Lajiness-O’Neill, please contact our clinic.